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The Training

"Skilled Hands-On training in fire fighting, extrication, rescue, emergency vehicle operations, pump operations, and the Incident Command System. All to meet and exceed the California State Fire Marshal's Fire Fighter One certification. Though reserves are volunteers, they must commit to working a specific number of hours every month. The work is hard but the benefits are priceless!"

- S.F.D.. Battalion Chief Jonathan Williams

The Support

"The Sacramento City Fire Volunteers provide supplemental staffing, food, drinks, and EMS standby at the scene of emergencies. They also do a lot of Community Service projects and outreach. Many of these young men and women spend countless hours training and at the scenes of emergencies. Most are working hard to make the fire service a career and the training and experience they receive is invaluable."

- S.F.D. Retired Fire Captain Jim Doucette

The Latest (Photos)

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